Vincent Reinders was just 20 years old when he dropt out off school to become an entrepreneur. He started his first company, Free Pants, because he was frustrated that he could never find sweatpants with a zipper. While at school he found himself losing motivation, as an entrepreneur he never stopped working. He had the feeling this was the way to learn more and to grow faster. “As an entrepreneur you have so many different aspects in your work. I can always put my energy into some part of my work."

Vincent started making radio when he was in his early twenties. “I am enormously addicted to internet, but I am still the biggest fan of the concept of radio. It is fascinating to me that at the same time in thousands of taxis, living rooms and restaurants people can hear the same thing on the radio."

In 2009 Vincent was ready to start a new company. He launched the website 22tracks together with his partner, Gilles de Smit. “With 22tracks I bring talents in the music industry together --people who do not necessarily know each other.”

On 22tracks you can find 22 different playlists with 22 songs that you can listen to. Songs from the past two months, all new, from all kind of genres. Key people and DJ’s from the music scene in Amsterdam put together the playlists reflecting what is happening in music. This way people get to know a city by listening to music.

In the beginning Vincent had no clue if people where interested in the concept, but he was willing to take that chance. “Music has always been the most important thing in my life. Now music is a part of my work and that makes my work so much better."

For Vincent this is a way to keep working in the creative industry. “Although I am not completely sure what my salary is every month, I am doing something I am very passionate about and that makes me a happy guy."

In 2015, Vincent and Gilles will also organize the first 22tracks festival. In addition to Amsterdam, 22tracks is currently also available in Brussel, London and Paris. They have about 600.000 unique listeners on a monthly basis.The plan is to have 22 cities where people can listen to 22tracks. “This is our ambition. It is going to be a lot of work and it will be exciting to see if the concept will work in other cities."