With almost 2 million visitors in a year, the public library is the most visited cultural facility in Amsterdam. People of different cultures, young and old, a lot of different people visit the library. This makes the president of the library, Hans van Velzen, very proud.

The library opened his doors on the special date 7-7-’07. The building was designed by Jo Coenen. On top of the library people can visit the restaurant and enjoy the beautiful view over Amsterdam. The residents of Amsterdam can go to their library seven days in the week from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Six of the seven days Hans van Velzen is working in the library. When he was a little boy he learned how important work is. His parents had a shop and with his 7 other brothers and sisters he lived in the same house as the shop. Now he treats his library as ‘his little shop’. “The library is always in my thoughts even when I am not here.”