Moving to the big city to make your dreams come true is quite a very popular move. It’s a move made by many in the past, and a move that will be made by many in the future...including the producer trio called The Pilots. The Amsterdam Metropolitan area will receive about another 462.000 new inhabitants each year between now and 2040. Three of these new ‘Amsterdammers’ are Milad Nabiaalah, Thomas Weidijk and Moreno Matulessy. 

Three young producers whom together form the musical master mind of The Pilots. The Pilots moved from their hometown, Deventer (in the eastern part of The Netherlands), to Amsterdam. The capital gives them inspiration and provided The Pilots with the right climate to produce their music. The Pilots released their first EP in 2011, called Infinite Skies. They are currently working on their next album and are hoping to release it in the near future.

Want to listen to their music? Just watch the vid’s from IamAmsterdam and IamLosAngeles and enjoy!