He has a thick accent, tanned skin, a white smile and the charming interpersonal skills of a salesman. Mick Harren. A Dutch and Amsterdam-based folk singer, Harren has been performing for more then 27 years, and still holds Amsterdam as his home base.

Amsterdam has a long history of being home to folk singers (Dutch; volkzangers) like Harren who prefer to say they are singers of "life’s songs" because the lyrics of their songs focus on some of the most common shared experiences in life: love, children, death, etc.

You could consider these singers to be something of a rarity, a real subculture. But every ‘Amsterdammer', whether old or young has a place in their heart for one of those good old-fashioned songs about Amsterdam: “It’s the place were you can be free, because everything you want is possible.” This lyric is from the song ‘Love Amsterdam’ from Mick Harren, Lange Frans and Rbdjan.

If you want to see more of the Amsterdam icons on YouTube, write down these names: Koos Alberts, Andre Hazes, Willi Alberti, Tante Leen, Johnny Jordaan and of course the contemporary Mick Harren.