“People in Amsterdam are looking for boundaries. That is what fascinates me about this city.” These are the words of the young fashion designer Jessica Joyce.

After Joyce finished her studies in Antwerp (Belgium), and Arnhem; and after holding different fashion jobs in Paris and New York, she chose Amsterdam as her home base. Not a bad choice when you figure that Amsterdam was 2010 highest newcomer on the fashion capital list. Today Amsterdam still outranks cities like Buenos Aires, Antwerp and Prague on that list.

Joyce has her studio at the strategically placed World Fashion Centre. The WFC resides in the middle of the Amsterdam business area and near Schiphol Airport. It houses different brands and designer studios and gives these designers, retailers and wholesalers the chance to meet and do business.

More and more fashion designers are settling down in Amsterdam. The metropolitan area alone already holds more than a hundred different fashion designers. One of the main fashion events in The Netherlands is the Amsterdam Fashion Week, which is held twice a year.