“I was born into the ink.” These words belong to Morrison Schiffmacher, daughter of the most notorious tattoo artist in The Netherlands, Henk Schiffmacher. If you ask Morrison whether she minds being called ‘the daughter of Henk Schiffmacher’, she replies: “He put Amsterdam on the map as the tattoo capital of the world. Of course I don’t mind.”

The young Morrison Schiffmacher was performing badly at school. Because of this she received the permission to drop out of school and join her father at the tattoo shop as an apprentice. She had always been a fan of drawing and picked up the trade amazingly fast.

Today Morrison, at the age of 22, holds her ground within the world of tattoo artistry. At the moment she owns her own studio with Tycho Veldhoen; Schiffmacher & Veldhoen Tattooing is in the very heart of Amsterdam. And on top of all this she creates other types of art, writes columns, and has developed her own clothing line.

Being the daughter of a famous face can have its drawbacks. But in this case, Henk Schiffmacher could’t make his daughter more proud. Morrison’s dad added a new chapter to the Amsterdam tattoo culture on the 5th of November 2011. He opened the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. A milestone in tattoo history according to Morrison and even the New York Times: “The museum is no mere curio shop. (…)The outcome is a proper 21st-century museum that has attracted 8,000 visitors in the two months since its opening in early November.”